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1930 Model A starter problem....

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I had my bosses model a out of the barn the other day after I got it running and idling. I was adjusting the carb while it was running and I killed it. I went to restart it but the starter wont turn over. It sounds like an arc welder welding stick stuck to a piece of metal when I push the button. I put it in 2nd gear and rocked it to see if it would come free incase it was locked up, but it didnt work. The starter has worked great every time up until this point. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jared

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Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum.

I am not sure how familiar you are with Model A Fords so I will try to make this basic. If it is too basic, sorry. I would suggest you remove the starter switch from the starter (this is a metal box like piece secured to the top of the starter with four screws). You will also need to disconnect the starter button rod that is screwed into this assembly, as well as remove the battery cable from the starter switch.

Most likely, the brass piece in the switch or the contact on the starter needs to be cleaned. If they are dirty, you will not be passing enough current to turn the starter.

You should also clean all of the electrical connections in the starter circuit, especially the battery terminals...which are located under the driver's floorboard.

It is also possible that a starter bendix bolt has worked loose and has jammed the starter. If cleaning up the starter switch and wiring don't fix it, you can remove the starter bolts and remove the starter very easily to check for that.

Also, do you or your boss have any Model A Service Manuals. There are several good books that are very good for a Model A Owner to have. These are available from any of the Model A Parts suppliers.

Please let me know if this helps. If it does not, hopefully we can discuss it further and get to the bottom of the problem.

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 1930 model a coupe has always started pretty quickly. Set for three months and  was trying to start for a minute or two it almost turned over and then it went totally dead no noise nothing.  I have a full charge on the battery and   All the lights on the vehicle work when I turned them on; however no clicking sound no nothing any idea where to start 

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