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I have recently come into possession of two books and several other items concerning Duesenberg and associated cars, and I am offering them for sale.

The books are

Fred Roe's "Duesenberg: the pursuit of perfection"


Harrah's Automobile Collection (ISBN 0917473000)

as well as

an original (reprinted 1951) Owner's Instruction Book to Duesenberg Model J


a collection of first day covers (with postage stamps) of Duesenberg's, the stamps being from all over the world.


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Jim, I will reply privately to queries, so as not to bore the audience. Roe book - around $200; Harrah - double that.

Is the Harrah's book a signed first edition? I see a huge price swing on those. 25-400 dollars.

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Sorry, "A," that was for the Roe book.


A numbered copy of a limited release of 500 copies. Signed by Participants. The page preceding the title page contains the following information: "This leather bound slipcased edition of Harrah's Automobile Collection is produced in a limited edition of 500 numbered copies and includes a photographic portfolio and a lifetime pass to the collection. This edition number 32.

The book is enclosed in a gray protective slipcase, which is in near perfect condition.

A similar one is available on AbeBooks.com for $430, but is not in as good condition as mine:

Harrah's Automobile Collection: One man's tribute to the great automobiles of the world: Batchelor, Dean - AbeBooks - 9780917473005: A Squared Books (Don Dewhirst)

photos avail.

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