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Guest Mc_Reatta

Out of curiosity, who is the current owner of the Reatta logo what with GM going through bankruptcy and government ownership etc? Was it sold off before bankruptcy, as part of the bankruptcy settlement, something else?

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Don't know for sure, but I would be pretty certain GM still holds rights to the name and the logo for the Reatta. I say this because GM licenses logos and names of their cars past and present for any number of reasons - apparel, vehicle accessories (floor mats, covers, etc.) model kits and even Hot Wheels.

Irrespective of whether a model (or even a brand, Like Oldsmobile or Pontiac) is long discontinued they still want to control the "intellectual property" associated with a brand or a specific model of car so that they alone have control over who can legally use the name/image/etc.

Consider all the reproduction badges and emblems made for classic GM cars by aftermarket outfits. All of this stuff is licensed by GM (at a steep cost I might add) in order to be legitimate product. These may be for cars that are 40+ years old, but try to make and sell unlicensed knockoffs, and see what happens (hint: it involves lawyers).

The GM changeover was really only about dumping the liabilities of GM on the chosen bag holders, while the assets (including all intellectual property past and present) would have been transferred unscathed to the "new" GM, as this stuff is worth a fortune to whoever controls it.


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Well, not to worry, I have no intentions of mass marketing! Just a little something for myself, and a dear friend! Thanks for the info, very interesting. It's amazing that GM still has such tight control over all of their "merchandise", but understandable!

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