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Franklin Car Parts

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I have come into ownership of some Franklin car parts. I have 6 connecting rods that are wrapped in newspaper from 1949 and they have little tags on them that say they are for a 1932 Franklin. Two sets of bumpers. Several headlights from two different model Franklins some leaf springs,sun visor. Two GE electric motors have no idea what they are. Window frames and other misc parts. The prize of all is a black trunk which is in next to mint condition. It has two leather straps inside with what appears to be the monting hardware for the trunk. The trunk is black with crome latches. The top opens and the front panel opens as well. It has a plastic cover on the trunk which is not in the best of shape but it has done a fine job protecting the trunk. If anyone is interested in these things send me an email. I'm not sure about the year of te parts minus the rods because they have tags on them and appear to be new. My email address is girwin1123@yahoo.com . Also failed to mention was a steering wheel as well. In the next few days I will try to post some pics of the parts to give you an idea of what I have.


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I'm located in Virginia right outside of Staunton. I have no set prices all offers considered. I do however have some people interested and I have been given advice on what the parts should bring.

The trunk size is 32" by 18". The trunk is 80 plus years old and is in great shape. I will not entertain or consider anything under a hundred dollars, this doesn't include shipping. I have been told because of the shape te trunk is in it should bring 400 to 450. I think that might be to much but I also know I can ebay it and make at least a hundred on it. But I would rather see it go to a person who will use it for which it was meant for.

I'm taking offers but be reasonable for example 20 bucks for a part with shipping included is not reasonable. Depending on what part of course. If you wanted a small piece. Some of these parts weigh up to 20lbs. Maybe today that would be ok because all car parts today are plastic. These are solid metal pieces and have weight to them making shipping them more expensive. I'm not including the time spent emailing,photographing, packaging and the trip to the postoffice. If you want to keep the cost down I'm always available for local pickup. I don't mind shipping them but see above...

I have some people from other places contact me and I'm not trying to be funny but here is the definition of reasonable=Not excessive or immoderate; within due limits; proper; as, a reasonable demand, amount, price.

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