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be careful when surfing Bob's site right now

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I googled Bob's Autmobilia last week and got results with a warning message from Google about the site, so I didn't go there. I tried again Saturday and the message was gone, but about 10 minutes into looking at various pages there I got the blue screen and my computer from that point on would not let me click anything anywhere (task bar, nothing). It would restart, but lock up as soon as it loaded.

Luckily (I guess) it was my work computer (:confused:) so I had mt IT person look at it Monday and the end result is that it is being replaced.

This is just a warning that you may want to call Bob's, which I did yesterday, when checking on stuff for the time being. I told them about it. Of course their service was top notch over the phone and they corrected me on a few things I though I needed but don't, and a few things I didn't realize I would need.

As of right now there is another warning that "This site me be compromised"

At the very least I sure wouldn't put any credit card information there even if it does seem to work.

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A little late for me...

It hijacked my browser and started popping up to "defrag" my hard drive. I stopped it before it got too far, but it did cause my computer to send warnings that my hard drive was not operable. The way to stop it is to ignore it when it requests an action and do not try to close the pop up. Run Spybot or other spyware killer to stop the bug. Then hopefully, you can restore your data via backup.

My son-in-law is an I T guy and will come by sometime to restore my backup data, but I would stay away from Bob's site until we get confirmation from Bob's that it has been eliminated...

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