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1951 Washington DC Diamond Taxi (Plymouth) and spare car

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For Sale is a 1951 Washington DC Diamond Taxi Cab - Cranbrook Sedan (VIN 12707952) last used between 1952 and 1959 in Washington DC as a Diamond Taxi Cab. This car comes with a sister 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook Sedan Parts Car (VIN 12704438). Both cars were delivered to the previous owner in Arlington Virginia in 1960. The "Parts" Car was driven to its parking spot and was left parked outside for 50 years hidden from view by bamboo and was in perfect running condition when parked - in 1960 - it did not move from that spot for 50 years.

Both of the vehicles will come with a Bill of Sale as the titles have been lost over the years. There are several other miscellaneous parts and pieces that come with the cars. The cars are available for inspection in Vienna VA, 22182. Sold as a package deal. The price is for both cars and several miscellaneous parts and pieces. Title can be obtained through: Lost Car Titles, No Car Title at All?

The vehicles will need to be towed away. Both vehicles are sold with a Bill of Sale and are in AS-IS Condition. Additional pictures of the cars being removed from their slumber are available as well.

Price is $2,000.00 as a package price for both cars. There are some odd parts and pieces that come with the cars as well.

Please feel free to email me for pictures and questions at: marco@mavericksolutions.com.


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Thanks Harold - I have been trying to figure out if they were 51's or 52's. Can you tell me how you are able to identify them as 51's? Please let me know. Thanks.

My hobby has been '51-2 Plymouths for many years, and I've had a number of them.

There were a lot of differences between the years, some more subtle than others. On the trunk, the Plymouth nameplate is separate on the '51 and integral with the license light on '52. The 'Plymouth' nameplate letters on the hood are individual plastic pieces in a chromed surround, and for 1952 it was a one-piece metal casting. The medallion above the nameplate is square on 1951 and round on 1952, and the hood ornament and center strip are wider on the '51. The Cranbrook fender nameplates were block letters in '51 and script for '52. The instrument guages were white lettters on black background in '51 and opposite for '52. Dashboards were woodgrained in '51 and plain paint in '52. Also, the front bumper had a center bolt that held the license plate bracket in 1951 but the '52's had two slots to attach the front plate and no center bolt. Last but not least, the service manuals list starting serial numbers so you can date the car that way as well.

There are a number of other differences, but these are the most noticable. Hope this helps.


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