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Would this be considered a "survivor"?

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Yes, a "survivor".

Generally speaking, any vehicle that is unrestored, still functional, and reasonably presentable, is generally considered a "survivor".

Don't know at what age it goes from being "just another old car" to a "survivor"... ;)

This looks like a nice example... my uncle had a similar '39 Zephyr when I was little; neat car.

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very very nice. there is one for sale here on for 20,000,000 pesos or about 10,000 usd with 12 cyl also. I am into the 20 era cars but will take a look at it. If it does not have antique car tags then it can be exported.


22,26 auburn

moon and auburn stuff

I saw that at the H.A.M.B. site, and thought it looked nice. What do you think?

1939 Lincoln Zephyr 4dr. for sale - THE H.A.M.B.

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