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Charlotte Spring Meet-Hendrick Motorsports!

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Rick Hendrick has graciously opened his complex to AACA during the Charlotte AutoFair, Southeastern Spring Meet in April. This will be a unique opportunity to see his brand new private museum (amazing!!), the race shop, the chassis shop and the engine shop. You will get 1/2 in each of these facilities along with dinner. The proceeds benefit the AACA Museum and Library.

Tickets per the attached flyer are not inexpensive but set by the Hendricks organization. They are only allowing member based organizations to have these types of opportunity and the price is the same for everyone. Four groups have already toured the place, we will be the fifth. Everyone has raved about the evening.

I expect a surprise or two for the evening! It should be fun and the facility is located close to the Speedway. We can only take 200 people. That is firm so please consider joining us.


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