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Ten Years Down The Road

Guest Dans 77 Limited

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Guest Dans 77 Limited

January 2011 is the 10 year anniversary of buying the 77 Buick. It seems hard to believe Ive had the car this long. I dont usually keep cars much longer than 3 or 4 years until I get the urge to move on to something else. But the Buick has just seemed to always stay around. Even outlasting cars that I had bought with the specific idea that this would be the car I would show after I sold the Buick

A lot has happened over the last 10 years .

New Paint job.

Within months of the new paint job , a guy , whos now in jail for fraud, illegally landed his helicopter less than 25 yards from where the Buick was parked, just an hour or so after the 2004 Great lakes regional had wrapped up , putting a bunch of scratches into my Buick, 2 of my friends Buicks and my pickup truck ( Actually then it was still Dads truck). Hope he rots in that jail cell.

3 Regionals. 2003 , 2004 , 2010 Great lakes regionals . She took 2nd place in her class at 2 of the 3 . Not too shabby for what was once a get back and forth to work car .

My son absolutely loves the car and its been a bonding thing for us. Its also an incentive for him. Ive promised to sign over the title to the Buick to him when he graduates college. Hes in 8th grade now and when the day comes it will be ready for him.

Getting insulted by the Cub Scouts . You just had to be there to understand :rolleyes:

5 All G.M. Nationals. Two second place finishes, one 1st place . Once again for a car that a friend had bought just to run back and forth to work till it died, shes run up a pretty impressive record.

4th place at the 2007 World of Wheels show. That was amazing. I used to go to the WoW show every year as a spectator, never dreaming I would ever actually have a car as part of the show. Then to actually win an award with my car......... :D:eek::D

The fun Ive had the could have only happened because I had the Buick. Wedding processions, parades , shows , going places with friends, its been a great ride .

When I bought the Buick I hate to say it was with ulterior motives. It was clean , it was inexpensive and once it was flipped I was going to have more money to work on "my" old car. Little did I know how much this car was going to become a part of my life.

Well its now 10 years later , "my" car is loooooonnnnggggggg since been sold , the Buick is still here and is NO LONGER even considered to be up for sale.

I cant wait to see what the next 10 years has to bring.


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Yea its managed to become a part of the family. My wife has the cats .... I have the cars . Dan

Cats and Cars.... I guess that isn't a bad deal as long as you don't end up with a lot of hair on the upolstery, and fur balls on the carpets. :eek:.... :D Dandy Dave!

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