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Guest broker-bob

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Guest broker-bob

Over 50 pages of technical info some I have seen no where else covers 31 to 36--info includes---valve Measurements,Tune up, engine Clearances,,compleat generator setup info for just cut out and the 2 stage regulator in later mopars,,Free wheel unit overhaul,,front end,,castor and camber,,steering adjustments,,lube chart,,main bearings clearances,,adjusting oil pressure, ,distributor,,Carb adjustments,,trans info --MUCH MORE--- plus several wire diagrams-------------there is tons of info----if you have one of these cars ---YOU NEED THIS BOOK------------------IT IS A GOOD, CLEAR, COPY-----$ 25.00 PLUS SHIPPING------------PLEASE E mail me directly at bobnroman@yahoo.com<!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- google_ad_section_end --> <!-- google_ad_section_end -->




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