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"Portuguese Barn Find"


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I was browsing on a site called"carsinthebarn" in a sub site called"Classiccars" they have some pictures of a ratty garage in Georgia. Supposedly the collector died and left hundreds of cars. The jewel is an L29 Cord convertible sedan among a bunch of Chrysler 300 letter cars, a nice 30 Chevy, some 2 seater T-birds,a Packard woody and convertible and on and on. It wouldn't let me copy pictures I think you have to pay to see more so it's suspicious. Anybody care to risk it?Probably another urban legend.

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Guest ChrisSummers

Dave, That is a very old site and I think most of the collections pictured have long since been sold off. I don't know that car or its current location, but it has likely long since seen a show field.

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