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Mint 1965 Wildcat


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I have a 1965 Wildcat for sale..completely mint. This car is totally original (including the starter and alternator!) with just over 100,000 miles! This car has not been driven (regularly) for ~20 years - it has been garaged for more than 30 years, and is flawless. It is a 2 door hardtop - teal blue with white top. 401 engine - runs like a dream. options include pw, pb, air (works great), pwr seats, pwr trunk. This car is currently registered as 'collector'..and has been in my family since 1970. Pictures avail on request, and only serious offers pls. Open to offers. This car is show ready. email brent_25@hotmail.com - this car is in Canada, but is an American production car, made in Florida, and brought here in 1970..This car still has the original manuels (all of them) and the options/price sheet from the window in 1965! You won't find another like this one...

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