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1989 Chrysler's TC for sale for $1200 in Denver Colorado..


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I've finally gotten to cleaning up and selling my girlfriends other tc (#89-1753), it's a red/ginger/ginger auto trans car. The previous owner in eastern Colorado used it as a sunny day car until it got hit with hail (while it was at the garage getting it's oil changed). It runs/drives nice and has 101k miles on it. We drove it 3 hours to Denver when we bought it with no problems whatsoever. The whole car is complete and original. The interior has typical wear (mainly on seats and armrest). Mechanically, it could use new motor mounts and new shocks/struts. Looks-wise, the trunk/trim and all top surfaces have hail dings (the hardtop roof doesn't). I've already replaced the hood and also have new trim pieces that come with the car. I'll get pictures up in a day or two... :)

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