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1939 buick special carburetor problem

Guest bigbee

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have a 1939 buick special. Everytime I start it I have to prime the carburetor.

Sometimes I have to prime it five or six times before it starts. Once it starts it runs fine . Anybody have an answer to the problem?

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I assume you have one of the three Carter carburetors used for 1939 Buick Series 40 cars. Carter 319S early, Carter 440S mid-year, Carter 478S late and in 1940.

It is normal on these to pump the accellerator 10-12 times before starting in the morning, especially if it has been about 5 mornings.

In hot weather the car will now vapor lock going down the highway oin Ethanol gas, so to solve both problems installan electric fuel pump with an on and off switch.

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Exact symptoms and fix on my '39 Packard. 6 volt electric pump is available at NAPA or simillar for around $60, and as Dynaflash says you will resolve both issues. I hate having to turn a cold engine repeatedly to get it to start, this solved that like a charm!

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