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Mark Shaw - Radiator Badge


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  • 2 weeks later...

Just got it yesterday....

Many thanks to my buddy Bob Scott who had this rare emblem but does not have a 1912 Buick. He just gave it to me! He said he was just returning the favor I did for him, but I don't remember what favor I did for Bob. I sure appreciate it Bob... Thanks again!

It needs to be restored, & I know about Emblem Magic. Are there any other emblem restoration places I should check out?

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6 hours ago, Ben Bruce aka First Born said:

I believe a self cleaning electric (oven)will get that hot.



In my bachelor days, I developed a cookbook for quickly fixing dinners.  It was called “Cooking at Clean” based on my experiences with preparing meals in an oven on the “clean” cycle. 

I’d be happy to try your badge with my system but have to admit that there was a certain amount of trial and lots of error in developing my cookbook. 

Bill McLaughlin

1929 McLaughlin Buick


PS:  A follow up cookbook was my equally famous “Counter Top Cooking” which I’d be happy to explain to anyone that PM’s me. 

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Some years ago a friend was restoring a Stutz DV32 for a client (which later got a 400/400 perfect score at a CCCA national meet).  He sent the radiator cloisonne emblem to what was supposed to be a "professional" emblem restoration shop here in New England.  They ruined it.  The emblem was returned highly distorted and unusable; was clearly overheated or constrained when in the oven.  I don't think they were in business very long. 

My takeaway was that it is possible to damage an emblem.  If I were to try it at home I think I would use some sort of instrumentation to ensure temperatures are known, research temperatures are required, determine creep strength of backing material (copper, brass or bronze?) which may govern how the emblem should be supported in the oven, and finally develop the process on a less valuable piece.  

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If anybody wants any radiator emblem or hubcap restored to perfection there is only one person on the planet who can be trusted to do it correctly and to perfection.  That person is Karla Maxwell out in Vista, California.  Her website is - www.MaxwellEnamels.com  Her phone number is - (760) 941-1966.  She has restored the radiator emblems on all three of our Buicks and they are absolutely beautiful.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

AACA Life Member #947918

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