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What Restoration Lit for 65 Riv's?

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Those are the "Big Three" - well worth having them all. A copy of The Standard Catalog of Buick can also be valuable.

I suggest getting a copy of the 1965 showroom brochure, and the 1965 Buick Color brochure, which covers exterior colors, interiors, and optional wheels and wheel covers.

I also have the Engineer Approved Accessories for 1965 brochure and the 1965 Buick Adjustment Guide which has all of the adjustments from the shop manual in a more concise form.

I have found that it never hurts to have too much information.:)

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Thanks Jim. I'll look for those others.

I just received the Chassis manual, and it seems to have pretty detailed info. I actually am impressed with it's info.

Are there any others out there that anyone else knows of?


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