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Clutch equalizers, how's yours ?


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Oh where to start ?

Some time ago I began to search for a CLUTCH EQUALIZER for a 1940 Buick limited, series 90.

Thanks to the prodding from Jolly_john, I broke down and bought a master parts book, and confirmed his info that it is p/n 1308581 and it is common ONLY to '39-'40 series 80 & 90 cars. Must not have been a good idea.

I have also determined that this stupid little bellcrank must have been cast in the alloy UNOBTAINIUM....since there does'nt seem to be any NOS parts out there.

So... my question is, for you BIG 80-90 series car owners out there, Does your clutch pedal come back up, and then about 3- 5 seconds later pop up a bit further, and make a "thump" sound ? If so, it is most likely your "equalizer" is worn @ the bottom arm, where the rod from the clutch pedal goes down to the idler arm, and has worn a slot in the casting. Any time you pit a steel rod against a cast iron hole, with no provision for lube, the steel will always win. The thump you hear is the return spring pulling the rod back to where the hole, that is now a slot, used to be. What are you going to do when the rod suddenly pops out of the arm, out on the road somewhere. Can you start yours in gear and limp home ?

Question 2 is how are you going to fix this condition, if parts are not available ?

My answer is to pull mine down and use it for a "master" to make a pattern, and have replacements cast in a 4140 NiCrMo steel. It wears much better.

Now that I've scared you all into running out to the barn, and checking yours, does anybody have any interest in a remanufactured cast part ? I sell for a foundry that can cast any steel or iron alloy, and they specialize in low quantities. They can also machine the ends for the little bearing shells and put a grease zerk hole in, just like mine has. Let's discuss this , as all of us will eventually run into problems like this someday, and all ideas are welcome.

Best Regards,

Mike in Colorado

BCA# 45728

AACA# 99416


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I have never seen or even heard of this part, but I encountered a similar "Battle of steel wear" in a couple of 52 Jeeps that owned me for too long a while. In your case, is there enough material remaining to open up the presumably oblong hole and insert a bronze bushing? Might be a LOT cheaper than casting a whole new part.

Just my 2 cents worth.


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There is really not enough material on the "arms" to drill them out, insert a steel bushing and braze it in the proper location. Why Buick chose to save weight on this little part, when it is surrounded with so much heavy iron, is beyond me. There seems to be a grease zerk @ every joint in the suspension and steering components, but not this one.

I could just braze the hole shut, and redrill it, but then the steel rod would be wearing against the soft brass, and that approach does'nt seem to be worth the time of "teardown". I could fabricate a tube and plate, steel copy, which I see as more practical, but it would not be pleasing to all the "restorers" out there.

Question, have you checked yours, and what did you find ?

By the way, great picture of your "roadmonster". I'll try to insert a pic of my project.

Best Regards,

Mike in Colorado

BCA# 45728

AACA# 994416


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