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NOS Point sets and parts for Vintage cars

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Hey everyone!

We have a huge selection of points, sets, condensors, rotors, caps, and more for a lot of antique vehicles. I'm posting a few points sets here, but contact me if you're looking for anything you don't see listed and we'll see if we've got it.

Points set - Packard with Northeast Ignition 1930 to 1934 - brand new old stock, we've got a few on hand. Fairly hard to find nowadays. $174.99/set

Points set - Franklin, Hupmobile, Velie and Paige from 1922 to 1927 - new old stock, fits different years of these vehicles. Click the link for a complete listing. $49.99

I add more items to the site every week, keep an eye on it. And don't hesitate to message, email, or call me if you're looking for something specific.

Chuck Bailey

MV Lighting

(815) 919-3367



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