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1946 Packard Custom Super Clipper Project, Runs! -$1900-

Guest 34 Pierce Guy

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Guest 34 Pierce Guy

I've had this Packard for a bit over a year now, and I've been back and forth about whether I should sell it or work on it. Well...between being tight for time and even tighter on space at my new house, it's time to find a new home for it.

As the title says, it's a '46 Custom Super Clipper. The car is complete with what I believe to be the original 356 engine and is equipped with an electromatic clutch and overdrive. I was able to get the engine running (after rebuilding the fuel pump, carburetor, and buying a new 6V battery), but there is a crack in the block roughly an inch or two below the head. A set of pins should fix this if someone was inclined to use this block.

The body is pretty solid, but will need new rocker panels and a patch in the front drivers side floor.

I believe all the trim (stainless and chrome) is there except the trim for the rocker panels.

The car is located in Lawrence Kansas, the price is $1,900, and it comes with a clean Kansas title.

I'm really looking to sell the car...but if someone has '34-'35 Pierce arrow parts or a 462 Seagrave V12, I might entertain trades.

If you have any questions, send me a PM!




Although not pictured, it does have the original oil bath air cleaner.



The bumpers are currently off the car so it can squeeze into its side of the garage (but are with the car).


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Guest Tampa RY

34 Pierce Guy...

Do you still have this 46 Clipper?

Can you get the engine number? It's on the block near the crankcase breather just below the head; should start with F500???.

If it still has the number plate on the cowl drivers side, that wouls be helpful. If it's a 46 the number should start with 1672-????

Can you send more photos. I'd like to see a shot of the trunk.

Does it still have the bumper jack?

I'm interested.

Is that your Pierce in front of the Clipper?

Richard Young

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Is the crack the length of the block, if was frozen without antifreeze, ask me how I know.

I had good success with two quarts of ceramic sealer. then flush the block after about a week of driving and replace with antifreeze and water.

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