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Some tire advice for a 67 Newport

Guest schlot

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Hey guys, I see that one the tires on the Newport is flat. Took a look at it and the sidewalls are cracked...so it's shot. Can you guys give me a little advice as to what tire I should be looking for. The car is near stock and I am looking to keep it that way.

What would be a good modern alternate to the tire or is there a good bias ply out there I should get? Probably go with replacing the others next summer as funds become available.

Thanks for your ideas.

Have a great Christmas!


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When you say near stock I take it that it is not pure stock. I wouldnt worry to much about tires. The old bias tire drive like crap. Get yourself a set of new radials and you will be happy with how it drives. I would suggest that you get all four at the same time (a matched set).

I had a 67 Newport convertible a couple of years ago that I wish I had never sold.

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