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47 Cont. Ground cable ?


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i am rewiring my car and bought the woven ground cable from one of the Lincoln suppliers. It has locations for 2 bolts, I would guess to ground the engine block and chassis. Which bolts go in these holes?

Also anybody have a picture of the front swaybar installed?

Many thanks


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The difficulty is that Ford then as often now used a "reverse post" or F battery.....that means the plain old 6 volt batt from modern suppliers has pos post close to fender..instead of close to engine ...I refused to pay triple listy for repop battery, so i spread the mesh, and used an oversized washer..pulling cable ithg across batt to pos post...neg cable will loop enough...

or.....get one of those cool new lz cased optimas it is the "cats meow" or so it seems..

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Guest nasmith

When I hooked up my '40, I had a repro ground cable and discovered the problem with the terminal location. I asked the nice people at Narragansett (see sources link) to make a 4 inch longer ground cable which looks fine and works very well.


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Also some battery discussions if you do a thread search "Battery Group Size" July 8, 2010. Earle Brown and Alan Wheliham are both good guys for the batterys. The braided ground cable has a groumet hole near the engine end that slips over a stud in the bottom of the battery box. Do't have a 47 photo, but here is a 40 photo.

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