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1911 McLaughlin-Buick or What?

Guest Rob McDonald

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Guest Rob McDonald

Please send me your opinions on the identity of this automobile from my family's past in Edmonton, Alberta.

My grandfather, James H. McDonald, owned just one car in his lifetime and then only for a couple of years, 1911 and 1912. It shows up in a handful of photos in the family album and was only vaguely remembered by his children. They had called it "The Machine".

His oldest son, my Uncle Alec, couldn't recall the make of the car but he thought it had the word Pope in it. He chuckled about this because his father was a staunch Baptist and anything to do with Roman Catholicism would have been frowned upon in that household. Alec did say, however, that it might have been the name of someone else's car. At the time, he was trying to recall events of seven decades earlier, when he was just ten years old.

None of the Pope-derived cars of the time seem to match this one. The Pope-Hartford comes close but the hood and radiator are not the same at all.

Several years ago, I showed the attached photos to a local expect in Brass Era cars. He immediately declared it to be a 1911 McLaughlin-Buick. Since then however, I've looked at a lot of photos and can't seem to reconcile the rather bulbous cowl section of McLaughlin torpedo bodies from that time with the flat dashboard of this car. Also, the top of the radiator shell is more rounded on this car than the "flat-top" on verifiable Buicks from that year. There's a diamond-shaped badge on the radiator that doesn't look right for a Buick.

The script on a hub cap in one of the photos is not quite clear enough to read. It looks like a single word, though, and not like the block-lettered BUICK logo, which I think was in use in 1911.

You can help me solve a minor family mystery, by matching this car with a photo of a similar model on a modern show field somewhere. Thanks for your interest.






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Guest Rob McDonald

WILLARD, I believe that you nailed it, first try. I did a quick search and found the attached photo of "Tudhope's 1911 Everitt 30". The dashboard profile looks right, the hood and radiator curves are the same and the diamond badge is a match. Tudhope, Pope - they could easily be confused by an excited young boy.

TARHEEL, from what can be seen through the iron fence, the Tudhope in Orillia is also a very good match.

Well, I've got some serious research in front of me. I'm so pleased that there is a strong Canadian factor here. However, I'll bet that the Everitt name suggests that Mr. Barney Everitt of EMF and Studebaker fame was heavily involved in this.

Thanks so much, friends. That makes two Christmas presents for me from the AACA Forum.


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Guest Rob McDonald

28 CHRYSLER, I tried scanning my photo at a higher resolution but it's still hard to read that hub cap. One could imagine it says EMF but that might just be the pixels playing tricks on us.


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The car is definitely either a late 1911 (Canadian) Everitt or an early 1912 Everitt or Tudhope. The Tudhope Motor Company, located in Orillia, Ontario, built Everitt cars under license from the Metzger Motor Car Company of Detroit. When Everitt was merged into a larger conglomerate and, in effect, disappeared, Tudhopes carried on, calling the car the Tudhope. In dating the car, I note that the fenders are the 1911 style, but the Gray and Davis headlights are the 1912 style. I will try to attach a picture of a 1912 Tudhope I restored for my brother Paul. Acquired by a group called Orillia Heritage, it usually is displayed in the foyer of Orillia's City Hall, which is the old Tudhope plant. The Tudhope car pictured in one of the earlier responses to this thread belongs to Tim Spencer of Lion's Head, Ontario. Tim is the great grandson of J. B. Tudhope who was the president of the car company. By the way, Orillia Heritage would love to have copies of those photographs Rob McDonald has posted.

John Smith, Orillia, Ontario

PS I was not successful in uploading a picture of the car in City Hall, but if you follow this link, you can see some pictures of it in a parade: Tudhope Car On Parade

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