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Railroad station picture

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Thought ya all might like this old glossy. Can anyone tell the exact location and the makes of cars. I would only guess that the pic is pretty far south in the country, and the one radiator badge would indicate perhaps a Buick. Looks a little like a festive occasion, too??

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Try as I might with a big lense, I cannot quite make out the letters on the depot. Its kinda like

when the level of difficulty at the eye doctors goes one step beyond faith...ho! The closer look did confirm that the locomotive says Southern Pacific. All I dare say about the depot so far, is that it is at least an 8 or 10 letter location. I will try tomorrow to remove the photo from behind the glass and see if that will make the difference. I will also try to post a better picture. It is quite a glimpse into time travel. Really cool. Note how the outhouse is positioned for quick access by train crew and passengers! Did Hudson have the V shaped grill ornament. I think Velie was not a V was it?

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