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Jim Wells

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JIm was another prominent figure in the hobby and at Hershey. He owned the band organ that was in place in proximity to the flea market for years. His preferance was for Fords, Model A's and V8's, later T-Birds, of which he always has some that were nice. Jim was a very shrewd trader, a market timer so to speak, having almost a sixth sense for what could be bought very reasonably today that would be worth a bundle in the not too distant future, e.g. merry-go-rounds and their parts, gas pumps and globes, popcorn machines, T-Birds, pedal cars, and early V8's to mention a few. He held 2 large auctions in Fairfax, Va. about 10 years apart that drew bidders from afar. One of his prize acquisitions was a large metal statue of "Nipper" the dog listening to a phohograph, from atop a building in Baltimore, Md. The price was said to have been $1. He had it fiberglassed and displayed it on a huge "table" on his lawn. Then Baltimore saw the light, after all it had been an important landmark. Needless to say he made a very good "10 percent" in selling it back to them.

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