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transmission bolt patterns etc.


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As the newest guy on the block so to speak, I have a basic question on the bolt patterns of the Packard trannys. Are all the bell housing bolt patterns on the std. transmissions the same say from 35 up to 55 and do they share commonality with any other manufacturer like Ford.

And secondly, I have a early std floor shift tranny from a Packard but don't know what it came from. The number on the case that I can see is 3025 12 1 and under that is 0516. Can anyone decipher this so we will know what year this is and if it has synchros or not.

Thanks for your help. Walt

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Coldwar, you removed a trans from a 55 Packard LIMO?? Please tell us more. The long-held view is that the last LWB Packard was 1954. This would he history-making news. It must have used the Clipper traditional suspension as there were no long torsion bars made, or at least we've always believed.

Pictures? I hope so.

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