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Willoco Bottin Bruxelles headlight ??


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I'm from the Netherlands and I recently found a prewar headlight and I don't know on which car these headlights were used.

Maybe someone can help me out

Dimensions of the headlight

diameter 6,5 inch

depth 5 inch

coneshaped ( is this good english ?)

Chrome housing

Clear glass lens

Top of headlight has a brass embleem saying




Chrome ring has inscription Willoco Bottin anexhip Bruxelles

Bracket has the numbers



just curious if there is someone out there who knows these lights

Any help would be appreciated very much



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Guest Jim_Edwards

The company was obviously located in Brussels and produced auto headlamps from the era of carbide lamps to pre WWII. Apparently they supplied several automakers much like Lucas and Marchal have done over the years.

This link may help you a bit as the seller of some of those headlamps included a photo of a car I believe to be a pre WWII Feugeot.

eBay.com.sg: L.koplamp WILLOCQ-BOTTIN IDEALUX Minerva M4 - 1934/1935 (item 180439284150 end time Dec 25, 2010 05:22:04 SGT)


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