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Help with Ford hubcaps

Guest jfranz

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I have some old ford hubcaps and was wondering if anyone can tell me what year they go on. I have complete sets of them except the round one that has the blue ford in the center. Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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cap #1 measures 10 1/8" on inside and is 1 7/8" deep

cap #2 measures 13 3/4" across where the retainer tabs are

cap #3 (wire) measures 13 3/8" where the retainer pins are and is very heavy

cap #4 measures 8 1/8" on the inside rim and the outer rim is 9 1/2" across total and is about 3" deep

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#4 cap with blue letters "FORD" is for 1947-48 car. Also for 48 - 50 Pickup.

Would you know what size wheel it is for?

Also would like to know what size wheels the others fit. I posted the measurements in a previous post.


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