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F/S 1904 Orient Buckboard 4 HP engine with planetary transmission.

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Dear Friends: went to my garage and took photos of my 1904 Orient buckboard engine,number 1371D and cleaned off my Orient shelf . With the engine comes 2 different early style coil boxes. I believe the one with the lid is correct style,but the other is correct to put under the seat as well. You also get both ends of an early muffler. Not Orient,but will work until you find correct ends. Finally you also get a genuine leather hand tiller handle end off of an Orient buckboard tiller! Just put leather oil on it. This motor was together in 1994,and bought by me then for $1,200 and took apart and shipped in pieces. Prior owner had it for 40 plus years.The 3 crankcases are all nice. It is absolutely a 1904 engine,as there is a "D" after the serial #. 1902 engines had a B,1903 engines had a C and 1904 engines had a D,then they dropped the letter in 1905 onward. I have had engines with all 3 letters after the serial #s. This style of engine with a 3 piece crankcase with built in planetary trans was only used on 1904 and 1905 Orients. The 1902 and 1903 models were simply 2 crankcase motors with a direct gear drive off of the drive shaft. Just put it in and out of gear. 1906 to 1908 models returned to the 2 piece crankcase and were turned north to south to drive a friction drive wheel off of the crankshaft.

I can not explain why there is only one flywheel wheel on the crank on the transmission. However you get an extra complete 1904 crankshaft with both flywheels on it. The jug is usable other than 2 cooling fins that need to be replaced. The rod and the piston and rings look ok. The head has the atmospheric inlet valve which is usable. However the exhaust outlet on the head is broken off and may or may not be repairable. You would have to put a sleve inside a new exhaust outlet pipe and cast iron weld it. Head has a nice complete atmospheric inlet valve in it. I seen only one other 1904 Orient engine for sale in my 20 plus years of collecting. It was at Hershey several years ago for $4,000. Price on everything shown is $ $1,900 plus $125.00 for USA shipping,as its heavy. Overseas shipping for costs. Many more photos available by email. Just ask. George Albright,Ocala,Fl.a email gnalbright@gmail.com cell 352 843 1624<!-- google_ad_section_end --> <!-- / message --><!-- attachments -->











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