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1936 model 40 brake hose


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Installing my brake system and purchased new aftermarket brake hose. The hose from the rear brake line to the line which connects to the master cylinder seems short. Can someone tell me the length of the rear hose. Connects the rear brake line to the short master brake line. The fronts are longer than what is needed but what was supplied when hooked to bracket does not seem to be long enough to connect to the old line. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Rod, I'm not sure that I'm going to be much help but I just finished replacing all my brake lines on my '36 Roadmaster. My replacement hose happened to be the same length of the old one that I removed and I'm pretty sure that it was original since my car was last on the road in 1947. However, I was expecting both ends of that hose to be fixed in place with the "C" clips. One end would connect to the short line that goes to the MC and the other would clip on the ear that is welded to the torque tube. The hose was several inches from reaching that point and it turns out that the old brake line running along the torque tube extended through that ear, thus leaving one end of the hose connection "hanging in the air" so to speak. I'll plan to install a rubber grommet in that ear hole so that things don't move or rub too much.


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