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35 Gearbox questions

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Hi all. When I took a short test ride with my pickup the gearbox was leaking. I've disassembled it and now I'm looking for bottom shaft and tail shaft seal. Does anybody know if it's the same gearbox in the pickup as the other body styles?

My pickup is a low mileage 1935 Dodge KCL and the engine is a T12. Gearbox is a 3-speed but I can't find any id-tag. Casting number is 6-27 and 31841-1.

My local parts supplier couldn't help this time so my second question is if you know where I can find parts.

Thanks, Gunnar


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I found my KCL tranny was the same as my '33 Plymouth even the casting numbers were the same. I just took the input and output shaft ball bearings and seals to my local bearing guy and he gave me modern replacements for my Plymouth PC. I used the same ones in the KCL.

BTW the transmission is metric. They were surprised to find that only a SKF Made in Sweden bearing would fit. Same with the seals. If I remember correctly both bearings and seals were the same,front and rear.

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Thanks you both for your information. The bearings are almost the same, front and rear. Front is 6207 Z NR and rear is 6207 and I have no problem to find them. I've even worked at a bearing company several years ago :)

It's the bottom shaft where the needle rollers are, which is worn but if it's the same as Plymouth and other Dodges I guess my chances to find one is much better. At least I know what to look for.


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I seem to remember that the different code on the 2 bearings was not the size but the fact that one had an open face and the other was sealed on both sides. I think I removed the cover on the double closed one and faced both open faces into the transmission to have transmission fluid wash into both bearings during operation. The transmission has been in yearly use for 25 years now and shows no sign of any problems. I use 90 SAE gear oil in the tranny and an additive called MolySlip G. The G is for gearbox. I use it in the steering boxes and rear ends of all my vehicles.The product may only be Canadian but the main additive is molybdenum disulfide. I found them on the net under 'MolySlip'.

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