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1991 chrysler tc maserati for parts


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1991 Chrysler TC Maserati 3.0 V6 Mitsubishi<hr style="" size="1">For Sale as parts car or fixer 1991 chrysler TC Maserati Yellow/Ginger. I recently had the timing belt go after only 30K and ruined the upper engine which now needs rebuilt. I don't have the time and can't afford to pay someone else to do the work. Before the timing belt broke i hadn't had any problems accept the heater which i believe just needs a new core the blower motor and vents all work correctly. I'm just trying to find out what it would be worth to someone or i may end up just parting in out to get some of my money back that i have lost. If anyone is interested you can send me an email at (eagles.smith@hotmail.com). You can post me if you prefer, but i get all my emails during the day while at work thru my phone. I really would rather sell the car as-is, but if i don't get any reasonable offers I will have to part it out to get what i would like. The car only has 116k miles on it I'm the third owner. It has the 3L mitsubishi v6 engine. I have attached pics of the car. Thank You in advance to anyone interested. The car is located in Kent, Washington 98031. (I haven't heard from anyone so if anyone is interested it any parts just shoot me an offer to my e-mail and I will get back with you. I will ship the parts as long as you pay for it. I live in kent wa 98031 so you can figure shipping. I also have original tool kit, Umbrella and 2 red service books along with other original documents and guides.)

<fieldset class="fieldset"><legend>Attached Thumbnails</legend>71206d1291254291t-1990-chrysler-tc-maserati-3-0-pict0001.jpg 71207d1291254291t-1990-chrysler-tc-maserati-3-0-pict0002.jpg 71208d1291254291t-1990-chrysler-tc-maserati-3-0-pict0003.jpg 71209d1291254291t-1990-chrysler-tc-maserati-3-0-pict0004.jpg 71210d1291254291t-1990-chrysler-tc-maserati-3-0-pict0008.jpg

71211d1291254291t-1990-chrysler-tc-maserati-3-0-pict0011.jpg 71212d1291254291t-1990-chrysler-tc-maserati-3-0-pict0021.jpg 71213d1291254291t-1990-chrysler-tc-maserati-3-0-pict0024.jpg 71214d1291254291t-1990-chrysler-tc-maserati-3-0-pict0025.jpg 71215d1291254291t-1990-chrysler-tc-maserati-3-0-pict0016.jpg


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The car looks way too good to part out. Are your sure the the problem extends beyond a timing belt replacement ? I thought that the 3.0 engine was non interference meaning that no damage is done if the timing belt breaks.

Too bad the car isn't out here in the east as I'm someone will want to take it and fix it rather than having it parted out. Hopefully there will be someone out there that would be intrested as well.

Hopefully you'll find a suitable buyer or will find that it only needs a new timing belt.

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The engine is a zero-interference engine; that is if the timing belt breaks, no damage to the valves.

You may not have done the damage you think!

If you still have the car and the TIMING BELT WAS THE FAILURE the upper engine WOULD NOT have been ruined because of that (NOW I DO NOT KNOW YOU OR THE CAR AND THERE MAY BE SOME "OTHER" ISSUE GOING ON).

Replace the belt (this is expensive bot not the $$ of a engine by any means).

Here is a website to support my finding:

Mitsubishi 3.0 liter V-6 engine

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Hello Kent.

Cliffv here in Seattle I just loged in to see your treat hay give me a call or a PM about your TC. I've had to lay low on buying more as my back yard and lot are almost full and the other "half" cant see why I love these TC. any way I would like to talk about the hole car to fit, and if the Eng is shot as you think, Well I have two running Tc that would love cleaner items. plus I think a V6 would be a nice finish to my collection.

cliff@nwmarineair.com or 206-660-4420

89 8v 1 driver 1 parts

8916v 1 driver 1 parts

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