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truck loads of parts

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a friend of mind stacy brown ask me to post this notice.

a man died in ft. worth and left thousands of water pumps,trans gears steering parts,etc.

also hundreds of every make of fenders.

there is literually many semi trailers full of these parts.

he is trying to sell it in bulk,maybe all fenders to someoneor all mechanical to another.

he said there is probably one or two pick-up loads of edsel parts.mechanical and body parts.

if interested give him a call. ph. # 817-275-2381

he will sell you one part but is really needing to sell in big lots there is so much of it.

just sharing info.i have no ties to this deal.

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the parts i am referencing are not stacy's stash.as i stated he has been ask to sell this huge stash that someone else owns.

but yes stacy still has ba-zillions of his own.

pinkchrome, you can get all the info you want by calling the number.that's why i posted it.

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