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1928 4-dr. sedan Brougham in Calif.

Pete Phillips

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This ad was sent to the North Texas Chapter--not sure why, because the car is in northern California. Car belonged to a man who was collecting parts to restore it, but he died and his daughter wants to sell the car and the parts. From the photos she sent, it appears to be in indoor storage, with the hood off but otherwise all together and original. Her description is as follows:

1928 Buick Brougham, still in storage, parts and spare parts, new tires not yet mounted; not finished putting back together, mohair seats, opera window shades, suicide doors, original paint, landau top, replacement fabric; in good condition, can still see pinstripe. For arrangements to see, contact Denise Cook (530) 672-7815 or Denise.Cook@C21SelectGroup.com Serious collectors only, $15,000 obo.

From the photos, the interior is very nice with the original upholstery; exterior paint is not so good, with surface rust and scratches here and there; body appears to be perfect; car has the landau bars at the rear, and a rear-mounted spare.

I think she's a bit high on her price for a 4-dr. sedan that doesn't run, but she does say "or best offer" so there is probably room to negotiate. I do not know her and I have no stake in this, just getting the word out as requested.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, TX

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