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Hercules crankshaft?

Pete Phillips

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Found this crankshaft yesterday underneath some shelves in a dark corner of my shop. It is stamped "HERCULES" on one of the counterweights. Obviously for a large six-cylinder engine. Can anyone enlighten me what Hercules engines were used for? The previous shop owner restored large antique cars from the 1930s, bought and sold diesel engines in the early 1950s, and also owned a couple of large cabin cruiser boats. This crankshaft is a good 3 feet long and probably weighs close to 100 pounds.

Pete Phillips

Leonard, Texas


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Guest Silverghost

Hercules engines were Industrial & marine units.

Chris~Carft boats had special-built privately labeled six cylinder flathead engines built by Hercules. They were all six cylinder and had displacments up to about 300+ Cu In.

This sounds like a Hercules/Chris~Craft marine cankshaft~

The old marine engine guys would be very interested in having it !

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I ran a DG (Second letter, G = Gas, D = Diesel ) Cletrac a number of years back that would have used a crank about this size.

There was also A DD model. Also did some work on a BG a year or so ago for a local fellow. This series of crawlers were built from the late 30's into the 1950's. Dandy Dave!

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I believe ours was a CD, however it may have been a BD whichever was roughly equilivent to a Cat D4. No muffler made me hard of hearing in my left ear while looking over my right shoulder and working an offset disk in the peach orchard. Years 1954 Through 1959.


'57 - 76C

'57 - 56R

'65 Falcon Ranchero

'57 Oliver Super 55

'57 JD 3010

'49 Ford 8N

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