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1926 Buick roof moulding

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I'm going to have a new roof installed on my 1926 Buick Standard 4-door sedan. It doesn't have the correct moulding. What should it have on the rear and sides?? Did it have any on front or should roof material be tucked under sun visor. Would like to get some pictures and source of moulding. THANKS

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Bob's Automobilia did or does sell the moulding. It is a clam shell design in that you nail it on and then fold over the other side to hide the nails. On my 28 the moulding is over the visor. I still have the original roof on the car. If you want I will take pics tomorrow AM, just let me know.

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Steve, here you go on the pics. The last one is turned sideways so you can see the full length. Notice you do have a "J" shaped drip trough under the moulding. The moulding sits on top of this plate. I woould imagine that there is some kind of "goop" that water proofs the drip rail, moulding and fabric together so the top does not leak at the joining points. Just a note. It looks like hidem welting is used where it goes down the back window side. I did not take a pic of that but will if you need it.






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