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Help ID this old floor jack

Guest chase237

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Guest chase237

New guy here. I was referred to this site be another forum cuz it appears the experts here are highly regarded.

Anyway, I found this old floor jack on craigslist and it has no identifying tags or name on it. I plan on a complete tear down and I'm sure the hydraulics will need rebuilt. Therein lies my problem. I cant identify it.

I'm also curious how it is designed to operate given the two hydraulic shafts instead of the typical single shaft.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks from the new guy.







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Guest Timthemailman

I've looked at a couple of old jack's. Both had small-1"X2" brass plates on em. They were on flat surfaces. One had been painted over and one was covered in grease. Might take a closer look. The plates both had "punch" lettering and were easly readable w/a little steel wool & elbow grease. Good luck.

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I got a rebuild kit for one of my old 5 ton floor jacks a number of years ago from this company.


A fellow that was one of the family that owned the business was at a Folk Music Festival that was held at my Dads farm for 16 years. Wandering around talking to folks, I met him by chance. ( In a crowd of 10,000 ) The kit was not all that expensive and the jack is still in service after ten years or more since the rebuild.

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Guest roy at hes

It is an old Walker jack the handle is the same as the newer jacks made until lincoln bought out walker about 20 years ago,

the two pumps are a speed pump to raise the jack up to the load then a valve cuts it out and the smaller pressure pump

raises the load,it would require too much force to raise a heavy load and that is a 4 ton jack,the seals are all made of leather but were later replaced by others made of newer products so a repair kit may not all be the same but will work fine

I have a seal company i should be able to get a set of seals if you still need them,let me know at(hes@hot.rr.com)


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