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Speedometer face insert

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I am looking to buy the plastic insert section of a 1940 speedometer face. The one on my '40 is cracked and beyond repair.

I thought I had one however upon further inspection/research the one I recently purchased is one from either a '41 or '42 which is ever so different from a '40. This one is in excellent condition!

I would like to trade the '41 or '42 for a '40 or if need be purchase one outright. I also would be willing to buy an entire '40 speedometer just for the plastic insert --so it doesn't have to be in working condition however the plastic insert must be in excellent condition.

I also have the remaning parts for the '41 or '42 speedometer however it is in pieces and maybe a candidate for refurbish./parts. If interested I can send pics. I will sell for $25 plus shipping.

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