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Corvette 1957-1961 Complete 2x4 245HP setup

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1957-1961 2x4 245HP carbs (No dings or cracks)

No air screws in base like '56 and Early '57 carbs

These will fit 1955-1961 SBCs and maybe other years?

Original front carb tag: 2626S - Date code: F 8, 4

Original rear carb tag: 2627S - Date code: E 8, 9

Note: Original carb tags, NOT repro!

Main bodies: 0-049, 0-1049

Air Horns: 6-1299

Front carb numbers: 6-1299 in raised lettering, 1161 stamped in, 6 in raised lettering, and a 5 in raised letting. All of these numbers are on the LH rear corner of the front carb on top of the carb body clearly seen with the air cleaner on.

Rear carb numbers: 6-1299 in raised lettering, 966 (I think) stamped in, and 6 in raised lettering. These are in the same location I described above for the front carb.

I have 2 complete and brand new rebuild kits for these carbs as well still in the box (Although they do NOT need to be rebuilt)

1957-1961 2x4 Aluminum Intake Manifold (No dings or cracks)

Intake manifold: 3739653

Thermostat housing: 3837223 (original, not repro)

Breather tube included

Other items included:

Newer FelPro Thermostat housing gasket (thick blue type)

New *correct* reproduction upper radiator hose

Air cleaner housings with wing nuts

New aftermarket Mr. Gasket air cleaners

Complete Accelerator linkage with springs

Newer (~800 miles on it and only 6 months old) 2x4 fuel pump

Hard fuel lines and fittings from pump to carbs

Original complete fuel filter housing, 854392, GF-48 (not warped, perfect condition)

Original fuel filter element (cardboard) w/good original gasket (Still good!)

New fuel filter element with new gaskets

These carbs are currently installed on the original engine in my 1956 and have been there since 1965. They are currently in good tune and do not leak, have no vacuum leaks, or have any other issues. I just went through and re-calibrated the idle mixture screws (600ft altitude) and synced the idle RPM screws and adjusted the linkage. You can simply install these carbs as-is and start your engine! As soon as I have a buyer I will remove them, drain them, and box everything VERY securely. All will be shipped full insured with tracking #. It will be a large, heavy box with a TON of packing, do not expect shipping to be cheap however I will only charge the buyer to the penny what the shipping company charges (box and packing will be free).

I am converting from this complete 2x4 setup back to an original 1x4 setup, that is why everything above is included!

To be quite frank, I have no idea what these are really worth so don't be afraid to make any offer, I won't get offended. I am asking $3,500 OBO. Send your offers to alexclaytor@gmail.com

Thanks! Alex








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