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Vintage? GN Upper cylinder lubricator, MYSTERY!!!!


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Anyone know anything about his item?

Where and when it was made? and why it has a cork float attached to the breather and it appears to have no way for oil to get to the top of the unit to get out! Mystery to me. No amount of goggling got me anywhere!

The left knob is just a filler.

The right knob is a breather and has the float attached to a swinging arm made of hollow copper tube that curves down to and thought a cork float in the centre the pipe ends flush with the base of the cork float.

The centre knob has a tapered end inside and looks like it's for setting the amount of oil/stuff that comes out. I assume that it connects to the vacuum of an inlet manifold. Their is a small hole under that fitting that opens into the main tank but their is nothing attached to it. Something missing??

Looks to be glass missing from the front.

Really... anyone got anything info on this???


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Guest Silverghost

I suspect it may be an industrial/machine lubricator ?

Or possibly like a Marvel Mystery top end oiler from the 40s-50s ?

That's just my educated guess ?

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Guest De Soto Frank

I think that since it bears the stamp " Upper Cylinder lubricator" around the "GN" logo, it's a safe bet that it is for a gasoline engine.

There was probably a glass disc in that hole.

If that float arm tube is connected to the inlet vent, my guess is that the air inlet floated on the surface of the oil, and as air was draw across the surface of the oil, some of the oil vaporized and was drawn into the manifold via the center tapping /elbow, similar to the "surface carburetor" on early stationary engines.

Educated guessing on my part.... doesn't look like it was ever installed...

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