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Mecum auction K.C.


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A couple of Rivs went though the Mecum auction in K.C.. I watched on HDNet last night. Both were no sales. A 64 Jesse James custom no sale at 20k. The other was a '63 nosale at 10k. But the announcers agreed that Rivs are hot and the prices will be on the increase.

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Did you watch it today? If so, you might have seen me. I was the guy in the black Mecum T-shirt. (Like everyone else :)) I was one of the "pushers." When they went live, I was on the sold end of the stage helping with cars that couldn't make it off the stage on their own.

I talked with a number of guys who've worked and attended these auctions in the past. Their comments were that "prices were down comparitively." Good if you're into speculating. And the turn out of buyers wasn't that great either.

I saw the Jesse James car in person; some of the workmanship and some of the paint definitely left something to be desired.


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