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Seeking my lost 1941 Graham


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Hello I reluctantly sold my 1941 Graham about two years ago (2008) to a fellow that promised to gift it to his ailing father as it was said to be his father's dream car. I had not wanted to ever sell this car, however I was cohersed into believing this man's father would give this car a loving home.

He did not do such a thing and listed the car on ebay the same day he purchased it from me. The auction sold for a shocking amount and as it turns out his father passed away in 1992.

In the listing he said he purchased it from the original owner. I was 22 years old at the time so I obviously was not the original owner, and the rest of his listing was also full of false tales.

The car had no title, was light green in color and the engine was siezed from sitting. It was all original elsewise and was in very good condition without any rust at all.

I was wondering if anyone knew the whereabouts of this car as I have some original paper work that belongs with the car and I would enjoy passing this on to the current owner.

Thank you kindly.

Paul in Ohio

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I sincerely hope you find your Graham. I had a similar experience. An older gentleman in my area had a 47 Crosley Roundside pickup that I really liked, however this gentleman's love for his truck was so obvious that I never approached him about buying it because I didn't want to insult him. One year I called him about helping him load it for the National show and he told me his wife was sick and he needed some money so he sold it. When I asked him about the price he told me a ridiculously low figure. (even for a Crosley). When I mentioned that to him he told me it went to a guy who loved it almost as much as he did and had promised to care for it for the rest of his life. 2 weeks later, I learned it had been resold for twice what the guy had paid for it. Either a short life or a short love!!! Anyway, I don't hesitate to mention the love of someone else's car that I would like to own anymore!!!

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