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33 Buick Parts For Sale


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1933 Buick Parts For Sale: welled fenders for 90 series @$550/pr. Running boards with original mats in very good and restorable condition @$850/pr. Radiator @$175/ea. Spare tire mounting hardware and trim @$250/ea. Rear fenders small series @$275/pr. Klaxon horn trumpets w/bell tops @$250/pr. Klaxon horn motors (rebuilt) @$110/pr. Transmission @$150/ea. Complete cowl wall w/front window frame from model 57 @$250. Exterior door handles @$45/ea. Interior door handles @$35/ea. Hood w/doors @$400 (both sides no chrome). Hood chrome center strip @$150/ea. Hood cowl chrome piece @$75/ea. Hood radiator chrome piece @$85/ea. Rear tailight stanchion @$150/ea. Radiator shells, trim, etc., etc.. All parts original cond. Too many parts to list here. Contact Bob via email at rdw33b@fcgnetworks.net or call either (800)546-8883 or (603)487-3500. Be sure to leave message with name and phone number and part(s) you may be looking for. Thank you.<p>[ 10-08-2001: Message edited by: 33Buicklover ]

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I am trying to find '33 hood louver door springs. There are 2 springs on each door and mine has 10 doors, 5 on each side of the hood. Do you know of a source for these? Also, do you have a '33 radiator shell trim piece in excellent condition?


Terry Richtmyer

(305) 323-4689

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