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Opinion on head gasket

Guest Fitz

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I'm asking something about this kind of head gasket: for flathead engine, copper on one side and fiber on the other side. (251 Chrysler 6 1952).

What is the advantage for using this kind of "hybrid" style head gasket?

I would like to have your opinion. Thanks.


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In the early days of the gas engine there were 2 kinds of head gasket. Asbestos or copper. Copper had the advantage of being strong and durable but did not conform to uneven surfaces very well. Asbestos would make a tight seal even on bad surfaces but was weak and blew out too easily.

Some genius combined the 2 materials by putting asbestos between 2 thin sheets of copper. This made a gasket that was durable, but would conform to imperfect surfaces.

I suppose a single sheet of copper plus asbestos would work too. The copper must be turned over in the cylinder area to form an O ring that protects the asbestos from combustion chamber pressure.

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We get handmade gaskets here all the time. Labor isn't much. The cost of a double sided copper clad gasket is more due to the material cost. Double sided copper can be used over and over providing it comes off intact/undamaged. I clean the gasket to reuse it and soak it in hot water

I've not noticed any real difference in performance between materials except for this re-useable feature.

Everytime we go to the US I bring home a couple cans of spray-on copper head gasket sealer. That works the best for me.

It's -11 in the workshop today. So. till the plumbers arrive I'm in the nice warm house

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