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Video without comment 12/1/10


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So I may be in a minority here but WOW!! Ive put engines on bicycles and fantasized about a gas powered skateboard with a cooler built in since seeing one at the Charlotte Auto Fair in the eighties but this is far beyond what I imagined. And just think how much fun they had in the garage building it!!

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I might be a little Nutz, and a whole lot Eccentric. But that is just plain CRAZY. :eek: After he crashes it, maybe they will mount the remains in the skate Board Hall of Fame with a sign....

Don't try this at Home

Dandy Dave!

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I would rather see that V-8 engine on a motorcycle chassis/frame ! ;-)

Are you kidding? This is Australia we're talking about! You can go down to the dealer and make payments on a new one with a Chevy 350. It's like buying a bag of rice.

Barbarian V8 Motorcycles

Now if you want to ride an alcohol-burning, 8.2 liter underwear stainer, you have to go to England. ( Rapom V8 bike produces 1,200 horsepower and loose bowels)


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