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Complete 73 Riv. just in along with 200 Buick parts cars


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New arrival last week, complete 73 Riv. We also picked up a complete 86 Riv. for parts. <P>We currently have over 200 Buicks and 100 Pontiac parts cars in stock along with a 20 year collection of good used and NOS parts available. Many hard to find parts including sheetmetal, grills(plastic, potmetal, and aluminum), lights, ornaments, stainless, bumpers, wheelcovers, etc.<P>E-mail a list of needs to me directly, do not post a response to this ad. E-mails that do not include a complete list of needs along with ALL info about your car will be deleted. I can't check parts if I don't know what kind of car you have or what parts you need. (I know it sounds crazy, but you wouldn't believe the amount of e-mails we get that don't even state what kind of car the person needs parts for!!!)

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