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Whats a 1938 Series 7519-F worth?


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Guys I have a 1938 Series 7519-F 5 passenger limo. It has been stored in a warehouse since the early 70's. THis car is all original and not rotted. The only thing its missing is the top to the aircleaner.

I got this thing some time back with intentions of using it at wedding and parades but my other project has stalled due to lack of funds. I am wondering what would be a good price for it. I really want someone who has knowledge and passion for these cars to do something with it. The wife says it has to come out from under the carport.

I have contacted GM Heritage and recieved the dealer info showing where it was ordered and delivered. It also shows the options it came with. It was delivered to Southern Motor Car Company in Memphis, Tn. I was told when I recieved the car it was the mayor of Memphis' car in 1940. I have no documentation of this though. I have been researching that and found there were 4 mayors that held office in 1940. One of which was Edward "The Boss" Crump.

Anyway, the someone started doing a brake job on it, and had the carb rebuilt but hadn't finished hooking the fuel line up.Thats must be when the aircleaner top went missing.The engine turns freely. It seems the car was last drove in 1972, based on reciepts I found in the car. What would be a fair asking price?

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I apologize for not responding earlier. I haven't checked this site for a while.

The car is located in south Mississippi. The price, I really have decided what a resonable one would be. I just recently recieved my paperwork from GM Heritage museum. The car was delivered to Southern Motor Car Company in Memphis Tenn.

I can be reached @ 601-445-8850, ask for John

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