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Guest natepen


We are restoring a 1924 Big Six model EK and are at a loss for what this part was.

It's on the passenger side where your feet would be but on the door side. It's looks close to a V shape and we joked that it almost looks like a holster for a pistol but it's open on the side.

I know it's really vague but thought that before I got to get some pictures of it I'd throw it out there as a challenge for you.

Thanks for any info.


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Umbrella holder. The umbrella is semi open in holder. Easy access from the curb when vehicle is parked. When the "gentleman driver opens the doors for passengers.

The outside door lock is on the passenger side because the vehicle passenger side is, or should be, next to the curb/sidewalk, away from traffic and bad streets/roads.

My guess.

Bill H

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Welcome to the AACA Forum Nate, I like the way you asked the question. Without seeing the part I'm guessing it is a storage compartment for a Miller-Chapman anti theft wheel boot. These clamped around the tire and rim and would make an imprint if you drove away with the car. Also made for a very unbalanced wheel.:rolleyes:


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