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'24 Reo opera coupe for sale


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I normally post on the Buick Reatta site but had some time to kill so was looking at the various other aaca sites and found this one.

I have had sitting in the corner of my pole building for exactly 40 years a 1924 Reo opera coupe that I guess I should sell as I am never going to get around to restoring it.

It is complete except for the original drivers seat is missing and the back seat is missing. The important and hard to find right front seat is there. This seat is a very small fold up seat that tucks up under the dash so the person can get in the back of the car.

I have a spare complete T6 engine and 40 years ago I bought 4 new 33X4 1/2 24 inch tires and tubes. The tires are still in the wrapping paper from back then and have not been mounted on the car.

I have never started the car but both engines are free and turn over. The car is original and has never been restored.

I really have no idea what to ask for the car but thought I would post it and see if there is any interest.


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I still have the Reo for sale.

I will include two Reo snowblowers and one or two Reo lawn mowers.

I also will deliver the car for free within 300 miles of Duluth MN and 30 cents per mile after that up to 600 miles.

I am asking $ 3800 for the car.

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