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Speedometer restoration


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Need cosmetic restoration of my speedometer. I see advertised Bob's Speedometer shop in Michigan. Nice website.

Has anyone used their services? Were you satisfied?

Anyone know of any quality shops doing speedo cosmetic restoration.

Thanks for all replies.

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Hello Enos, I used Bob's for my 1957 Pontiac. It did not require much cosmetic work, that which was done on the lens was just OK, but again I did not specifically order any special attention.

My rebuild had a problem that was probably due to rough shipping. When contacted they were very friendly and jumped right on the rework ASAP. So to sum up, I thought their price was too high, but they gave good service. What kind of car is it from? Todd C

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John is a real pro, what speedometer are you looking to have restored? Some shops have their specialties and their limitations.

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