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Help ID an engine

Guest ekerska

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Guest ekerska

I just bought a 1923 Sayers and Scovill ambulance. It is partially restored, but the owner did not know the exact engine. He says it is a Continental. On the engine data plate it says:

Sayers and Scovill

Cincinnati Ohio

Engine number


The engine is a 6 cylinder. On the head is cast 9AA600.

Any help figuring out what I have would be appreciated.

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My Delson Interchangable Parts Manual shows Sayers & Scoville as using Continental engines but it only lists that make thru 1921, there is no 1923 listing.

Under Continental engines there is a 6J and 9A and 9AA all using the same pistons and pins.

Applications for these pistons and pins are:

Paige 6-70, 1923-25

Yellow ( Shaw) R, 1921

No doubt others used these engines and Sayers & Scoville was one. I would suggest your engine is a 6J with a 9AA cylinder head which may have come from Continental on the engine.

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Guest ekerska

Layden B,

Thanks for the info, it is more than I had before. The only thing I need immediately to get it running is a water pump. Any ideas?

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Guest Silverghost

If you indeed have the old water pump you could rebuild it or have it rebuilt !

New bearings, impeller, shaft packing or new seal etc~

If your pump is missing you should place a post on the parts wanted section here.

These Continetal commercial engines did not change very much over many decades and I am sure there is an old pump out there~

There are a few old truck and commercial websites out there where the old truck collectors hang-out and post parts etc~

Continental also built old marine engines for other marine conversion outfits using the very same Commercial based engines~

Check the various old marine engine sites.

One example~


Do a Google web search for these old truck & engine sites.

Good Luck~

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Regarding your Continental water pump. Contact Russell Emond of Wolcott Indiana, 219-863-1889. He has alot of experience rebuilding Continental water pumps. If you are in need of the actual complete pump, contact Montes Equipment, I think it is on the 2300 South block of Wabash Ave., in Chicago,

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post some pics if you can, here's my 1930 S&S ambulance. Engine parts should not be a problem.

not contributing to the thread just wanted to say that 1930 is a beauty. I had a chance to buy a beautiful restored 1926 Cunningham ambulance in 97 and have regretted not purchasing it ever since!

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